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Using our hands as weapons of mass creation,” is a term coined by Jules Dervaes, and I think it’s a wonderful saying.   There’s so much destruction in the world that you see and hear on the news — things like such and such was destroyed or bombed, another attack in the Mideast, the search for WMDs, and so on.

Obviously, it’s so much easier to take the path of destruction than creation Have a problem? Solution, just tear down the building or people.

Whether one creates a masterpiece of canvas or a gorgeous garden the essence of creation is a powerful force. So here’s to all you creators out there! 

Mulched driveway


What’s the latest?

Well, we had a huge load of oak tree mulch delivered today by a local tree service. Most of its going to fill the driveway to enrich the soil… sorta like we did a few years back when we smothered our front lawn with newspaper and mulch.

I love the smell of fresh mulch as it smells so earthy!  It also reminds me of when we used to bring in loads and loads of tree mulch for our 10 acre property in Florida.

Yeah, I bet you are wondering why in the world did we leave a 10 acre, beautiful rolling green hilled, pine treed property for a small lot in the city. Well, it’s a long story… but to keep it short —  we thought our Pasadena situation was to be temporary and in couple years we were planning to leave and purchase some rural property to start gardening and beekeeping once again (we had a successful beekeeping, honey business in Florida)

Well, years passed and we still found ourselves in Pasadena and plans weren’t working out…. or so we thought! We wanted to go back to the land and weren’t content with our situation here in the city, no siree! Then one day it dawned on us that we should make the best of the situation we had. We were, no doubt, skeptical at first with this idea. We can’t grow our own food, we can’t become sustainable because we need more space!!!!! Although, we did have asmall garden, but we weren’t relying on it for our “daily bread” so to speak and we were already living a pretty simple life. So we decided to stop wanting what we didn’t have (yet?) and make the best of what we did.

I think that growing one’s food in such a small space is definitely more challenging than having acres and acres. Everyone is looking for the “if only” but the “if only” is NOW. Urban Ag and Homesteading is the wave of the future. People are growing food in every available open space and are learning to become self-sufficient without having to pack up and move to the country. The “back-to-the-land” movement happened in the 70’s but now a new revolution is underway of sustaining-the-cities.

Whoops, got a little side-tracked there…. Anyhow, the guys are spreading it out into the driveway and garden pathways.  But before spreading the fresh layer of mulch, they’re digging out the trampled on old, decomposed mulch that has now turned into a rich, wonderful, dark soil which they’ll put into bins to be used for potting soil.  

Well, after wiping the sweat off the brow, drinking a huge glass of water it’s back to work….

Weather Report: Warm, but breezy.

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