The ugly concrete jungle that was once our driveway is 95% ripped out and gone! Ahhh, it’s wonderful to see and feel the earth…  It already feels cooler and cozier on that side of the house!

Hmm, now comes the fun part — designing a natural driveway. But first, we fill it in with loads of oak mulch to raise and improve the soil level.

With the whole family helping we had it finished in two days.However at one part of the driveway there were three layers of concrete (nope, didn’t find any buried artifacts)!Fortunately no rebar was used, so the guys just sledge-hammered it to pieces! That was the hardest part of the job. One day we’ll have to tackle the backyard area that is all concrete (boy, the guy who owned the house before us must have loved concrete… yuck!) That job is going to be a dozy.

Continuing my post yesterday on our duckies – The two that were adopted by a local couple were named Leda and Lola, the other two who were adopted by a Culver City family were named Alice & Mary Campbell. So that completes the naming of the ducks!

The big news here in the Pasadena area is the completion of the mass transitGold Line Train (about time!!!), connecting Pasadena with LA , Long Beach and W. Hollywood.

While puttering around town these days we have to get used to waiting as the trains scream by… Why couldn’t they have gone underground – less noise, more aesthetically pleasing, less traffic? Yeah, yeah, we know… too much money! The original plan DID call for the trains to go underground through downtown, but money funds became short and the folks running this project decided to just go underground through a few of the main blvds. *sigh*

Pasadena’s streets are already congested! We’ve notice the increased street congestion since moving here about 18 years ago. It takes forever to get from one end of town to the other. A friend of ours who runs a local shop in the area told me as we were talking about traffic, that it used to take her less than 5 minutes off the 210 freeway to her business, now it takes 10-15 minutes!


California Connected is re-running‘Wizard of Waste‘ tonight at 8:00pm. Where most people in Altadena, California have a two-car garage,Tim Dundon has a 40-foot high pile of, well, crap.

“There are a lot of people who are starving, have no resources. Resources can be created out of the life process that can keep people prosperous, happy and keep them out of trouble,” says Tim Dundon, on the philosophy of his pile.

King of the pile

Weather Report: Humid and cloudy, chance of rain later on today,

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