Feels like Florida! The tropical moisture still lingers… Yesterday, even though Pasadena didn’t receive any rain, we could see the ominous dark clouds and hear the rumbling thunder over the mountains as the deserts got drenched.

The guys spent most of the day yesterday busting up the concrete driveway. Not wanting to be wasteful and fill up the landfill, some pieces will be saved and used in the yard or as flooring for the cellar and other pieces will be given to friends who need them in their landscaping projects. Only the really junky pieces will be hauled away, hopefully to be recycled.

Summer green – Tampala

As the weather heats up the lettuce doesn’t grow too well and has to be protected from the brutal sun. An excellent substitute for lettuce isTampala or Green Amaranth. It loves the heat and is a delicious substitute!

Already, the windows of the downtown shops are displaying sweaters and fall outfits and so our minds and efforts turn to Fall plantings. We hope to extend our tomato, cuke and squash harvest into early Fall. With this in mind, we’ve been busy planting seeds every three weeks or so, enabling us to have continuous succession plantings.

News on our “animal kingdom,” we finally found another wonderful home for the last two ducks that needed adoption. It was hard to say good-bye (that evening we had to drown our sorrows in a bowl of soy ice cream) but we were comforted to know that they will be well taken care of and in good company as the family already has chickens and many other animals.

In the end, everything turned out alright, we found good homes for the extra four ducks, so now we have our two… and they finally have names! Dixie & Dawn Campbell.

They both have very different characteristics and are a blast to watch! Dixie loves to playfully splash you with water as she swims around in their little pool and Dawn often gives little “kisses” on our noses when we lean down to the ducks’ height.

Like most females, the ducks “chatter” to each other. It sounds as if they are saying “what, what, what, what.” And we answer back with “what, what, what????”

Finally, for laughs read this amusing CSM article…. Most summer pests pale in comparison to the green one lurking in a garden near you –97 ways to zap those pesky ‘Z’s’

Weather Report: Humid and cloudy, chance of rain later on today,

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