Rain is in the air

Pitter, patter….

All yesterday afternoon the clouds and humidity had been building up and towards early evening, the sky turned a eerie yellowish color while the rumbling of thunder could be heard in the distance. Then the rain started to fall, first by little drips and then a summer downpour! Love the smell of a summer shower! Ahhhhh.

What a rare, unexpected and delightful blessings – a record rainfall!!! It was nice to hear the sound of rain once again. Not to mention that the plants got a nitrogen boost from the lightening

Maybe nature decided to give us a surprise shower since we have no roof on the garage? Funny, how it is when you wash your car or something similar, it almost never fails to rain. Anyway the guys scurried up the garage to put up the blue tarp, they were just tacking on the last corner when the rain started coming down. Perfect timing!

Well it seems we weren’t the only one that were surprised with this summer shower, many of our neighbors came outside and stood on their porch (or in the warm rain!) and enjoyed watching the rain fall.

Weather Report: Humid and cloudy, chance of rain later on today,

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