Pepino Dulce

The juicy pepino dulces are starting to produce pretty decent-sized fruit. What’s really great about this melon is that it is a perennial, grows like a weed, needs practically little care and not much water, thrives in partial shade, and the fruits are not that bad either! Not quite as sweet as a cantaloupe with a honeydew-like flavor and consistency. We like to dice ours up in a fruit salad.

The “sour” peach tree is producing too. Many years ago we rescued it from being thrown away by a local nursery, and thinking it was a peach tree, we planted it in the yard. Unfortunately it is an ornamental, so it is very sour — though the spring blooms are a gorgeous fuchsia color. At summer’s end we plan to rip it out and replace it with another fruit (palatable) tree, but until then we are faced with what to do with sour peaches that make the lips pucker. Besides masking the taste by blending them in smoothies, the cooks of the family make a peach loaf bread which tastes delicious. We enjoy that for breakfast along with fresh fruit.

Our neighbor’s lemon tree is loaded! We are blessed that they don’t mind sharing, so every day we make a batch of fresh lemonade. For a delicious twist to plain ol’ lemonade, I sometimes make herbal lemonade from plants in the yard and then throw in some red rose petals for color. And there you have it, “pink herbal lemonade”. What a delightful thirst quencher for a hot summer day… move over CountryTime!


We girls have also been involved in helping a friend organize her home. It’s interesting to note that besides the physical work that is involved of stacking, dusting, and moving, there’s a lot of mental work that goes into organizing, filing and so on. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is a constant job, especially for those of us who live and work at home. The boundaries between living and working start to merge into utter chaos sometimes! It helps to have a “cleaning party” to do the mundane work of cleaning and sorting because it sure makes the job go faster. So then you can move on to other things. Unfortunately, this old house doesn’t have much closets or storage space, so it’s a challenge to come up with creative and cheap storage solutions. But hopefully, with the guys fixing up the garage we’ll be able to turn the garage into a more workable storage space.

Weather Report: Morning marine layer’s back!

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