Are we listening? Should we continue to be silent?

The Silence of the Lambswool Cardigans — We consumers live in silence. What cheers me are the ways people are learning to read the silent histories of objects and choosing the objects that still sing.


At high dosages, ‘always on’ may become counter-productive but at least it’s easy to correct. The Web and email combine to create the biggest distraction machine ever invented. (I’ve long predicted that in the near future, being unplugged will be the status symbol. As our environments become increasingly frenetic, uncluttered time and space will be a luxury few can arrange.) Source: Rebecca’s Pocket

No kidding! I’ve noticed the change! On the computer everything is fast, instant, and ready at my beck and call. This “I want it now” behavior has even extended to daily tasks; so now when things are slow and hard, this “point and click” mentality so programmed in me easily frustrates my patience with the pace of reality.

It’s enough to make us wonder how the world coped not just so long ago without all this “wonderful” technology. Sheesh, a person actually had to sit down and write a letter (with a quill as was the case more than a 100 years ago) to keep in touch with friends and family. And on top of that, the letter would take days if not weeks to arrive at its destination. No email, no instant messaging.  Every thing now is lightening fast and subtly programming our brains to the fast & furious life.


Not waiting on the five-acre rural home to begin realizing their dream and starting where they find themselves in the here-and-now, is the inspiration of the Dervaes family. On a city-sized lot, the Dervaes family are living an urban homestead project. The Dervaes document their Path To Freedom in an Urban Diary, sharing the successful experiences of a self-sufficient lifestyle and providing informational resources for others interested in simple and sustainable living.”

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