Each had his turn at this earth. They worked on, moving together-together-producing the fruit of this earth.
~ Pearl Buck, The Good Earth ~

I’d like to share a few more great notes we received from children all over the states in response to our free seed offer…. Keep them coming!

Dear Jules, I like to grow a garden with my grandma. We like to watch it grow and it makes good stuff to eat. My cousin likes to grow a garden too. Thank you for seeds to grow a garden.  Jake, Age 7

I like to garden because my parents garden and I would like to grow my food free more than have Mommy buy it at the store and I would like to say, ” I grew these peas myself.” I would like to grow peas, carrots and tomatoes. Sincerely Eliza, Age 8

Yesterday we harvested over 45 lbs of tomatoes and ourfirst apple green eggplant ! TheFrench filet beans (aka haricot vert) are producing lots of slender, delicate and tasty beans. We really enjoy these filet beans, one only needs to lightly stem them and serve them with a tad bit of butter and some salt
— absolutely delicious!

The hot and sweet peppers are starting to produce, just in time for making a batch offresh salsa!   Here’s our variation: Chop up some onions, garlic, cilantro, hot peppers and some colorful tomatoes a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, dash of salt and chili sauce – that’s it!

Weather Report: Hot, less humid

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