Lisa from Madam Insane mulls the concept of SS (self-sufficiency) in her 7/14 posting. I really like how she defined the terms for her family in a simple but effective way.   Many of the points she raised resonate here in our own family and are the building blocks – or rather – trail markers in our path to freedom.

Putting into practice our ideals and philosophies is quite a struggle with both our minds and bodies — and they often don’t agree.

I’d like to hear from our readers who journey on a similar path (or are contemplating about it) …

What does SS it mean to you? How’s your journey going? Share with us your hopes and dreams…

P.S. SLOW DOWN!  I really enjoyed readingMegan’s account of driving a “VeeDub Bus”. As we contemplate one-day buying a “new” car, us and our pea-soupy ’76 VW putt-putting (more like chugging, sputtering and throwing hissy-fits really — dying at intersections and so on) around town is quite a sight.   I loved how she’s described the experience, too bad her editorial was never published… peace out!

Weather Report: Hot and humid.

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