Urban vegetable jungle

The past couple of days have been terribly humid and the bad news is that it’s not expected to ease any time soon.   Last night on the local news, the weatherman described the reason for constant wringing out of our shirts as a “monsoonal flow.” Sheesh, at least in the South and East they get a respite brought on by a late afternoon shower, whereas here we suffer, trying not to move and waiting for the sun to set.

We harvested our last ears of sweet corn for awhile (*sniff*) and are now waiting on the second batch to mature.

The peppers are starting to produce!  They are a welcomed addition to our summer meals. The squash, cukes, beans, apples and tomatoes are all coming in at a steady rate now, though the strawberries are slowing down in production. The eggplant, okra, and peaches are taking their sweet time…

Meanwhile, as we harvest the summer’s wonderful bounty, we are continuing to plant in succession and rotate beds, hoping for a good late Summer and Fall harvest. Waiting to be planted is another batch of corn, tomatoes, and salad greens.

The guys are still working on the garage roof, but with the heat and humidity they wait until evenings to work and they have already run into trouble! Being an old structure, the garage is slightly tilting forward. Of course, this will have to be adjusted before putting a new roof on.


I’ve read that our food travels an average of 1,400 miles before it reaches our dinner plates, but what about the rest of the stuff we use or consume? Read about their travels: Beware The Life Cycle Of ‘Recycled’

Weather Report: HOT AND STICKY!

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