A friend of mine who works at a Thrift store in the area knew I was interested in learning to sew. Fortunately, someone donated a new sewing machine to the store and she immediately called me. The price was a steal – $50 for a $200 machine — SOLD!. The only thing that was wrong with it was that it was missing a screw which holds in the handle.   

So, I took the machine to a local sew shop (sometime back in April) and ordered the screw….I do have an old black Singer that was given to me by a dear old lady who passed on. Unfortunately, it’s not in running order, meaning that to fix the part would cost just about the price of a new machine.

OK, back to the story… The lady there told me that it would take about 6-8 weeks for the screw to arrive (I’m thinking “Yeah, what are they going to do, forge the iron and build a mold?” Anyhow, last week they phoned letting me know that the screw had FINALLY arrived – Sheesh, the Pony Express could have done a better job!   The lady joked that a one armed man in a row boat was delivering it… we are in the 21st century right? Things are supposed to be FASTER? uh-huh.

Well, I now have a machine that runs, thankfully — and can start going through all the boxes of fabric that friends have given me over the years.

Weather Report: HOT!

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