Raspberry                    Strawberry              Almost ripe blackberries

The guys have started tearing off the old garage roof and will be replacing it with an entire new roof for the installation of solar panels. It’s quite a job due to the fact that the garage is nearly 90 years old — it’s a messy job, but someone has to do it! ;-0

In the garden, we’ve been busy taking suckers off the strawberry plants and starting new baby plants. One can’t have too many strawberries, can they? The blackberries, ground cherries, and elderberries are starting to ripen and we’re already picking a few raspberries and blueberries. Don’t you just love it when you pick the blackberries and you get your fingers all stained!!! Just like being a kid again, brings back childhood memories of picking wild blackberries… one for the bucket and one for me, one for the bucket and one for me….

Besides the berries, the tropical fruits are slowly starting to emerge. So far there are a few passion fruit, avocados and guavas starting to appear — even some little papayas! Unfortunately, the mango tree isn’t doing well, as it is susceptible to a rust for which we’ll have to find a remedy.   Thepepino dulce ( a perennial melon from South America) is starting to ripen and the figs should be ready in a few weeks.   Every little fruit that is harvested is welcomed! Imagine a couple years from now when the plants have been established? MMMMM Dreaming of bowls and bowls of fresh, delicious fruit….

Yesterday I had a meeting with a new French chef who is taking over a former client’s restaurant. As I went through my spiel about our produce being seasonal and organic, he got really enthused and starting talking about when he was a kid and how he fondly remembers eagerly anticipating when the strawberries, peaches or plums came to market in his little town in France. “Today, ” he exclaimed, ” we can get the food all year around, so there’s nothing to look forward to!”

Now that we are on the path of eating with the seasons, we can tell time by the food we eat, as each marks a time that is etched into our minds. We can vividly recall when the first crop of sweet corn or tomatoes came in and biting into the warm. sweet flesh… all senses working in unison. It’s like an addiction –once you’ve tasted the “REAL THING” there’s no turning back — you’re hooked…. for life!

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Weather Report: HOT, but tolerable — thankfully no humidity.

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