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There are endless opportunities to experience when you have a garden. Besides providing fresh produce for our eating needs, the pleasure of beauty and interaction with God’s nature, we can actually make a decent living from intensive gardening.

We are continually amazed at how much income we receive from this little 1/5 parcel of urban land and, even then, we are only touching on a “tip of the iceberg”. Selling extra produce to restaurants, caterers, and individuals is our main profit but there are other secondary products that could be made from a productive garden. With the incredible range of herbs we have, it is possible to expand into herbal products like soaps (which I have already started to dabble with), teas, beauty products and so on. Bouquets and vase arrangements could be made from cut flowers, and with propagations and seed-saving, a small-scale nursery business could easily take root here.

OK, I have rattled off a quick “can-do” list from the top of my head but we are hoping to expand our little produce business into some of those different areas. Right now, besides the veggies, fresh herbs and edible flowers, we supply herbal bouquets to restaurants and private caterers for weddings and parties.

Also, we are seriously thinking of trying to dry herbs since we have quite a lot for many different kinds of tea blends. Being acquainted with a famous tea shop in the area brings the possibility of partnering with them to be our outlet. So I’m off in  search of organic tea bags…

Weather Report: Warm.

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