Hope everyone had a delightful holiday…

Over the 4th we found a home for two of our ducks. It was sad to see them go, but we were comforted to know that they are going to be really well taken care of by someone who is absolutely wild about ducks and who always dreamed of having pet ducks. And, what made the farewell even easier to take is that the new duck owners are not too far away and we have been invited to stop in and visit the “girls” once in awhile!

Apple pie
Over the weekend we experienced scorching temps so we had to keep a close eye on the plants and keep them watered. We water by hand or use our homemade soaker system. With the extreme heat, overhead watering would just be too wasteful – the water would simply evaporate in midair.

We gals made an apple pie on the 4th using our very own apples! That was certainly a milestone. The pie was mouth-watering delicious and was served with a scoop of vanilla soy ice cream… mmmm…. it sure hit the spot!

The tomatoes are starting to come in at a steady rate, we are harvesting the last ears of corn and have already planted another batch. The lettuce and other salad greens are slowly declining due to the excessive heat. We’ll have to start fazing out some of our salad customers for the next few months, fortunately we’ll have cukes, squash, beans and tomatoes to sell instead, which will keep the customers happy.

The garden is at its glory this time of year. In the backyard you can’t see from one side of the yard to the other — really! It’s an urban veggie jungle!!! You’d never know that you were smack dab in the middle of the city, all the sights are blocked from view — one feels like they’ve been transported to another world.

We have a funny calling system that goes on when we need to find someone out in the “jungle”. We have to call out their names and blindly follow the sound of their voices, sorta like the Marco Polo game that’s played in a pool. 😉 Hmm, maybe I should get a bell!

The letters from kids are starting to trickle in for our3 FREE SEED PACKETS offer — don’t forget to write in if you haven’t already, we have lots of great seeds!

Here are some of the letters we’ve received — you guys are great!

My name is Devan, and I am 4 1/2 years old. I like to plant in the garden because I can use my toy bulldozer to smooth the dirt out. I also like to garden because I can use my big shovel, and because I like the way the earth feels. Plus, you can grow all kinds of things.  We have a pole teepee to grow our beans on.
I like to plant because it makes the world look nice. So nice that people will stop cutting the trees. That will make the world so nice. From Jake, Age 8

Dear Mr. Dervaes, The reason I like to garden is, life would not be good without flowers. And herbs are good to heal people.  And we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for trees. So basically I love the world and I want it to be beautiful! Yours truly, Anni, Age 10

Weather Report: Cooler!

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