First Anna apples

The first juicy & delicious Anna apples have ripened to a blushing pink and are ready to crunch on! They are smaller than store bought, but hey, who cares? –they are thousand times tastier!

As for the other fruit, the figs and peaches should be ready soon. The other week we harvested a pretty pathetic crop of apricots. We had pick them early ‘cuz a possum was helping itself a feast and nibbling away at ’em.   We are also harvesting some grapes. Although small, they are quite tasty.

The strawberries steadily continue to “come in” (which is a blessing), and the blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are starting to ripen, too.



Sometimes it’s a tedious work to keep track of the harvest. Every month we print up a harvest spreadsheet and place it near the scale, making it easier for us to jot down how much was picked that day. In addition, one of the guys keeps a daily diary on the goings-on in the garden. For example, he records what was planted, harvested, fertilized, and so on. This information has become quite valuable over the years.   Just the other day, we were wondering when we had harvested our first crop of tomatoes last year, so all we had to do was go back and check the diary and read that on May 22ndof last year we harvested our first tomatoes. So, indeed, the season is a bit off – about a month or so behind schedule. But hopefully the growing season will extend into the Fall…

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!   I think I shall step away from the computer and take a break… see you on Monday! Bring on the soy dogs!

Weather Report: We’re sizzling!  Over 100º

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