Cardoon flower

Well, readers, theJune on-line newsletter is published! I definitely know that I’m not too good at keeping to a regular publishing schedule. There is just so much constantly going on here that, sadly, the newsletter sometimes ends up on the back burner.


Seems with the cool June that we had, we certainly forgot how brutal the sun and heat can be here. The plants are a bit in shock, so we have to keep a constant eye on them to see that they don’t dry up and wilt.   Unfortunately the 10 year plum tree didn’t make it – RIP. Can’t understand what made it kick the bucket, as we had adequate precipitation this winter — Perhaps it was the cold snap we had in Spring that stunted it as it was just about getting ready to bud… it’s very sad, though, to see something die. I talked with a lady at a nursery the other day and she said that this year looks like it’s going to be a bad one for fruit. And it looks like she’s right, as I suspected all along. Our peach trees have very little fruit set, so apparently it’s going to be a long, hot and fruitless summer!

On the cheery side, the warm weather is certainly helping the veggies and we’re able to use the solar oven again!

Weather Report: Warm.

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