Colorful lettuces

Reading a recent entry (6/24) fromThe Great Growing Experiment regarding eating lettuce like Bugs Bunny, got me to thinking of an incident that occurred sometime back with our neighbor’s seven-year-old granddaughter.

Here’s how the story goes… When she visits her grandfather she loves to come over to our place to feed and pet the animals. Once while she was feeding the baby ducklings some lettuce (which they love to gobble down) she asked if it would be alright if she tasted the lettuce also… I suppose she figured if the ducks were certainly enjoying it, why not her?

She hesitantly bit into lettuce and then exclaimed with surprise “your lettuce tastes better than the ones I eat!” She was puzzled with why our lettuce tasted sooo good.  Now every time she comes over she asks if it’s OK to go into the garden and pick lettuce to eat–more like nibble on!

The other day while she was visiting, she remarked that we should try to get more children to enjoy eating their veggies – like she had learned by eating some of our produce.   Her remark made us think about the many children out there like her who only know bland supermarket vegetables. Kids of course balk at eating certain veggies… but get them to taste one that is homegrown and sweet and they want more!

Having a garden is certainly making us spoiled. When we are away traveling we grumble and complain about eating tasteless “slop” or “utsaput” {a Flemish slang word that we utter — Now, don’t ask me what it means because I haven’t the faintest clue; our Belgian grandfather used it to describe food that was prepared poorly}

Anyhow, why go out to eat, when you can enjoy a better tasting meal picked right outside your door.. and not to mention cheaper too!

Weather Report: Well, we wanted it and certainly got it… warm and hot with temps reaching close to 100º!

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