Playing ‘This Little Piggy’              Eyeing the chickens           Finally fully feathered!

The Khaki Campbells are finally fully feathered (say that 10x fast!) and they are gorgeous birds (not to mention crazy characters!) Each morning one of the ducks, gives whomever is feeding it a kiss on the lips… well more like a love peck!   They are such a joy to watch as they waddle their little selves around, constantly shakin’ their backside! Really cute!

The other day we went to pick up some organic chicken lay mash in Arcadia from Chino Valley Ranchers, est 1903. This company has a farm in the area which sells organic, vege-fed, free ranged eggs and feed. The warehouse was a nice old brick building and inside were thousands and thousands of eggs stacked up on pallets! Hadn’t seen so many eggs in one place — it was quite a sight really.

It was great to find this local supplier of organic, non hormone lay mash since the ducks and chickens have decimated the bug, aphid and worm population in the yard and they needed some natural protein added to their diets. Also, we feed them a bowl of cooked soybeans in the morning which they utterly enjoy. Hopefully now the worm population will have a chance to replenish.

Weather Report: Sunny and warm!

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