Besides our moaning and complaining about the dreary weather, there is, in fact, a bright side to all this gloom. The veggie harvest is slowly starting to trickle in — beans, cucumber, tomatoes, squash, and corn (though the ears are pathetically small!).

Yesterday, we enjoyed a delicious meal of lightly steamed veggies on top of warm couscous served with a refreshing tabouleh salad.

Summer veggies at last!

This cool weather is making me think about food quite a lot lately.  So, I went online yesterday searching for some new recipes to try…   I’d like to make stuffed grapes leaves again this year and was searching for some different fillings and in my search I found some really tasty recipes atVegetarian Recipes From Around The World andVegetarian Recipes… Reading over the recipes got me licking my lips and heading for the kitchen to whip up some new meals.

Hey, readers, let’s hear from you! What are your favorite recipe sites or recipes? Please post them in the comment box…. Thanks for sharing!

Weather Report: Overcast, predicted to clear up later on in the day.

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