Lizzie, as do all of our chickens, enjoys jumping on our backs and fiddling with our hair.

I mentioned in a previous posting that an AP reporter was doing a piece on ‘chickens as pets’ and asked us a couple questions…. Well, here’s his article:Move Over, Fido! Chickens Are Becoming Hip Suburban Pets.  After a long day, it’s soooo relaxing to go visit the gals… sit among them and feed them treats (raisins being their favorite).

They, as you can see from the photos, love to jump up on our shoulders and backs. The gals also have this fascination with hair, they love fooling the strands around in their beaks as if they were arranging it to their satisfaction.

The PTF booth

PTF participated in the Simple Living Festival down at Long Beach yesterday.

We had positive comments and feedback on our children’s educational, hands-on activity (even the adults wanted to play!), photo display of our urban homestead, and our homemade jute shade cloth and sign which was made out of sticks.

There weren’t as many people as were hoped for, but it was a valuable learning experience for us as this was our first time participating in an exhibit festival.

Weather Report: Still dreary and gloomy.  Yesterday being the longest day (Solstice) the sun instead took a vacation, it drizzled practically all day

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