It’s baaaack! Yep, that darn gloom is back! The past couple days we’ve been socked in with downright gloomy weather.   Again.  Yesterday and this morning we’ve even had light rainfall. So much for the brief spat of warm sunshine the other day… it didn’t stay long.  And so much for the Summer Solstice.

When will all this June Gloom end? Check out the LA TIMES article:“How does June Gloom affect your life and your work?”

One thing for sure, the vegetables are certainly affected!!! They don’t know what to make of this weather!   The tomatoes are dropping blossoms, the squashes are not producing any blossoms, the corn ears are small, and everything’s at a standstill as if waiting for warm weather. We have to be constantly on guard for mildew and other pesky diseases that like to grow in damp, dark weather.

On the local news the other day, the weather man didn’t give us much hope that’d Summer would actually decide to show up.   He predicted that this gloom would last thru July and even into August!   ARGH!

The weather’s not only wacky here, other parts of the country are getting their fair share.   Last night on the evening news the guy reported that the East is beinginundated with storms, one state (can’t remember which) has had rain 40 out of 50 days!!!

On the bright side, this weather’s great for tidying up the house. Yesterday, we gals went on a cleaning binge… dusting, polishing, organizing, sorting, washing, etc… Sheesh, what’s got into us anyhow? “Blame” it on the weather! 😉

Weather Report: Light rain.

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  1. angie says:

    Where’s global warming when you need it, right? 😉

    I haven’t been able to post comments on your father’s blog posts, but I’ll say it here to him and all of you: Thanks for all you do to show & tell, teach & inspire those of us who want to be self-sufficient. You are truly angels in helping to bring peace & sanity to this crazy world!

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