Back to theSLF: It is going to be much different from other festivals because there will be no money exchanged or excessive paper information distributed — which we think is great concept! They {LBO} want this festival to be a place where people come to participate in hands-on workshops or activities. LBO asked that our booth have a children’s activity we have been working on for two weeks in addition to the booth display.

Seeds of Change andRenee’s Garden were both generous enough to donate seeds so we can hand them out to the children for their participation in our hands-on activity. While looking up facts for the activity we have planned, I came across some startling facts about the incredible amount of plants that are being lost.

If you are planting a garden this year, it would be wonderful to start saving your own seeds…. and if you are already SOS {saving our seeds}, more power to you! Here are some sobering facts for you to consider:

All around the world, more than 3 species of plants are becoming extinct every hour. This adds up to 27,000 species each year.

The Seed Savers Exchange estimates that 90% of the food crops grown at the end of the 19th century are no longer commercially available. The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that in this century, 75% of the genetic diversity of agriculture crops has been lost.

97% of the food that our grandparents ate at the turn of the century are no longer in available.

Today, agriculture uses only 20 plant varieties for 90% of our food, although there are an estimated 30,000 to 80,000 food plants in existence.

Although we are already trying to save as many of our seeds {SOS}, some species like squash and cucumbers won’t come true to seed due to the limited space that we have. So, when we do have to purchase seeds, we make sure to purchase them from seed companies that are doing their part in preserving the biodiversity of edible food crops. ….”if we take care of the seeds, they will take care of us. The first step begins with the seeds, because they carry the memory and wisdom of how to survive.” ~Seeds of Life ~

Not only is the plant kingdom in trouble but the animal kingdom is also facing a dismal future. Wild and domestic animals are being lost at an alarming rate.

One third of farm animal breeds face extinction.

Domestic animal diversity : two breeds are lost every week – new report warns that 1,350 breeds face extinction

“Human beings treasure what is rare. Our inclinations toward the unusual distinguish us from our fellows. An increasingly wealthy society can afford to turn what was once deadly serious business, growing food, into a hobby.

The thousands of crop and domestic animal breeds in the world today were brought into existence by the private efforts of farmers and herdsmen through the ages. Individual people following their private passions are still the best way to preserve these varieties for future generations.” ~ Reason Magazine ~

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