Corn almost as high as an elephant’s eye?     Tomato jungle … machete anyone?   

What’s this!?! Could it be?  There’s something bright and yellow in the sky…. Yes, the sun finally has come out and decided to stay! Hmmmm, I wonder if this sudden occurrence had anything to do with Melissa’s (akaPioneer Woman) sun dance? 😉

Now we can try out our newCooKit. Whoopee! It’s an inexpensive hybrid developed by longtime solar oven pioneer, Barbara Kerr. Each kitSCI sells goes to provide third world countries with these efficient cookers.

The new CooKit is a great addition to thehomemade solar oven we built last summer, we should really start turning out sun cooked dishes!   The guys have started on building another solar oven, but with all that’s going on, they haven’t had the time to finish it. Here’s a great article about solar cooking —The Sun Also Bakes: Get out of the kitchen and discover solar cooking.

And now for an update on our progress of installing solar panels to the garage: We are waiting for the school session to end before we start. The garage is surrounded by a middle school on both sides — the school was built so close to the houses in the neighborhood, the eating area and class rooms are right over the wall So when we are in the yard we can hear entire lunch hour conversations with the oh-so-exciting topics of “Did you see what Brittany was wearing,” or ” Don’t you think so and so is cute” and so on – typical teenage gab.

We finally started harvesting some tomatoes and beans, hopefully with the warm weather expected this week, they and the other summer crops will start to ripen.

Strawberry bars The strawberries are starting to come in at a regular basis now, besides eating them in granola or with yogurt we gals love to make strawberry bars — a hybrid of two different recipes. We combined the recipe from a strawberry pie filling and a lemon bar pastry crust and topped it off with fresh, homemade whipped cream… Voila “strawberry bars.” They are delicious and are devoured in record time!

If you’d like therecipe LMK

Weather Report: Warm and sunny.

POSTSCRIPT – To “Glen A Cook” who emailed me on 6/16 asking for the recipe: I was unable to contact you, the email kept coming back “undeliverable”. So, I posted the recipe in the comment box below…

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  1. Kristen says:

    Hey can you send me a copy of that strawberry bar recipe? I’m not into lemon bars, but strawberry ones would hit the spot. Thanks!

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