The “Animal Farm”

From our observations and the comments of others, it appears that almost everyone is experiencing quite an unusual Spring. Pioneer Woman comments that the blooming cycles are “out of whack” — couldn’t be said better!

We are still busy with putting together a display/activity/presentation for theSLF in Long Beach. While it is easy to run out and purchase everything to make the booth look great, we are attempting to do it the ‘simple way’ by scrounging up bits and pieces here and there and using a little innovation to create what we need.   It IS a Simple Living festival after all! Showing up with professional presentation displays similar to those at trade shows just wouldn’t fit the picture of what we are trying to do with our Path Project.

However, we can’t help but wonder if doing things the “simple way” is really simple!   Creation from recycled materials requires a lot of creativity, time, frustration and a whole lotta “brain power”. It also requires “thinking outside the box”. Wouldn’t it be easier to slap down a credit card and get everything pre-made?

Then again, even with all the mental exhaustion of trying to create, somewhere deep in our minds we know that this way is much more rewarding. By creating from recycled materials we can educate ourselves in ways that slapping down a credit card could never do.

So, we are working on a photo presentation display which we salvaged from the school across the street. The students had a science festival and we rushed over there that night to fish out the cardboard display boards from the dumpster. What luck!   They are flimsy and kind of beat up, so we covered one with old burlap and stapled some thin wood (salvaged from an outdoor privacy screen) around the edge for a finished border.   It looks really nice!   Yesterday, us gals were kept busy printing up photos, graphs, and designing the graphics to put up on the board. With all the bright colors and nice photographs against the rough background of burlap, the display is looking downright pretty!

Another creation we completed was a banner for our booth made from items we had lying around. A piece of cedar wood, a box of nails, some twine, and sticks gathered from our hikes in the mountain was all that it took.   With a little bit of money (for the nails), and a bunch of creativity, we made ourselves a sign that is pretty cool! It came out better than I expected and looks so much better than any vinyl banner that we could buy. You really got to see it for yourself!   I’ll have to post some pictures now won’t I? Well, stick around…. 🙂

On another topic – Here’s anice tribute piece on the passing of one of our favorite actors {Jimmy Stewart being another}. Among his many memorable roles, Gregory Peck will always be fondly remembered by us in his amazing, talented portrayal of the noble Atticus Finch in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and General Frank Savage in ‘Twelve O’ Clock High’. A class actor and a person whose wholesome and honorable traits often appeared in the roles he played, Gregory Peck will be much missed.   

Weather Report: The gloom continues!!!!

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