Yesterday morning we had a reporter from AP call us up for an “interview” on raising chickens in the city. I do hope he will let us know when the story goes to print.

I uploaded somenew pictures of the yard… it’s starting to fill out and look like a urban garden jungle. Enjoy the tour!

Cheery cornflower
The weather has been cool and overcast practically all week {what us So Californians know well as “June Gloom}. The heat loving crops are in a stage of limbo… but I guess it’s better than being baked by the heat. So no complaints here! 

Here’s an insightful posting of afellow gardener having to deal with the ‘Forces of Nature’

“Only with a counteractive force of vigilance and persistence can the gardener find the correct balance that allows him to cooperate with nature for mutual benefit.”

Blue bottle border


We love collecting junk and discards. We’ve made trellises out of PVC pipes and anything we can find and put in the Volkswagen van. It continues to amaze me what people throw away…   It’s so rewarding to save something from the dumps and turning it into something beautiful and useful.

Here are somenew pictures of our “junk.”

Weather Report: Same as yesterday… overcast, cool, dreary.

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