Everything hasn’t been all hunky dory here in the ever changing world of urban homesteading…

For some odd reason, the garlic kicked the bucket this year. Well, the garlic isn’t *dead* dead, but more like barely growing. Nonetheless, it appears it might be time to play taps and send the plants to a proper burial in the compost bin. Seems that they couldn’t take the unusually cold Spring So. Ca had.

Our 10-year-old plum tree is struggling. It’s June and so far the leaves have barely sprouted! We hope it doesn’t croak on us. *sniffle*

Glorious red poppy
Also the peach trees have set less fruit than last year due the extreme fluctuation
of temps we had during their critical flowering stage. (Not to mention the
problem of the missing bees mentioned in diary entry


Calling all bees far and wide…

And, last but not least… the Jerusalem Artichokes and Yacons are painfully slow in poking their shoots up through the ground. Come on guys you can do, just a little more, that’s good… *sheesh*

Everyone says that our garden looks beautiful in the pictures…. Really? Hmmm…  Do you think we would actually waste computer gigabytes to take pictures of some of the dying plants we have? *grin*

We are constantly checking the harvest records (dates, pounds, weather, etc) that we keep and found out that last year we harvested our first crop of tomatoes in late May. So far this year our tomato plants have produced nothing but a measly handful – that are carefully guarded!

Everything seems like it’s few weeks behind “schedule.”

Well, I think that’s enough “bad news” for one day.

Weather Report: “June Gloom” is here…

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