The vegetable garden is growing well. We eagerly anticipate the first fruits of the season. Not trying to “count our chickens before they hatch,” but it seems that we have been somewhat successful in curbing the early blight problems that started to show up on the tomatoes brought on by the unusually cool Spring. Of course, now, the hot weather has helped tremendously!

Backyard vegetable gardenHomemade dryer


Thinking ahead, on how we were going to preserve the bountiful summer harvest for fall and winter use… The guys were going to build a large solar food dryer out of wood. Fortunately, on one of our delivery rounds to the restaurants, we salvaged a metal baking rack from a dumpster… It was just the thing we needed, perfect for making a sun/solar dryer!

So these past couple days, the guys have been busy screening it to keep the bugs out. And what’s even better is that it was done on the cheap! Most of the material was free–cannibalizing old screens from windows and doors and things salvaged from the dumpster.

It’s nearly finished, only needing to make the wire shelving out of hardware cloth and then it’s time to start drying!

Weather Report: Extremely hot, temps in the 100’s.

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