Last summer’s harvest


I ran through the California Connected segment on Tim again {we taped it}. This time I was able to be more objective… but, still some scenes and comments, I think, weren’t necessary!

Anyhow, there’s just a few statements the narrator made that weren’t necessarily accurate. Here are a few/slight discrepancies that I caught…

It was said that we get weekly deliveries of Tim’s compost when, in fact, we have only gotten about 5 or 6 loads over the past 7 months. The very first load that we ever had delivered was sometime last fall {I believe around October or November}.

Also, this is our very first summer using Tim’s compost in our garden. This project was started in 2001 and we surprisingly harvested over 2,000 lbs. Last year we were blessed with a harvest totaling over 3, 500 lbs. This year with good weather, better management and now, with Tim’s wonderful compost we hope, God willing, to harvest even more lbs. Tim’s compost greatly enhances the soil, but as all farmers and gardeners know there other factors to consider. Just like a slot machine, some years don’t come up “all cherries.”   

Since the segment was only about 5 minutes long, I know it was very hard for them to present a more precise picture. The facts were a bit hazy, so I just thought I had to clear it up for those who watched the program.

Anyhow, we are very happy that Tim’s finally getting recognition after so many years of hard work and so much opposition. We are fortunate that we have an opportunity to have him as a friend, sharing in his passion of trying to make the world a better place. As Jules Dervaes says, ” we will use our hands as weapons of mass creation.”

I also want to take the time to thank Mimi George Kent (for her persistence in bringing Tim’s story to the public).

Weather Report: Cool.

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