If anyone happened to watch theCalifornia Connected segment aboutTim last night…. {if you missed it you can now view the segment on their website and it will air again on Sunday, May 25 at 11 am}

Well, all we can say about the piece is that the selection of “lighthearted” clips didn’t do Tim nor his valuable message & philosophy justice. It was a bit disappointing that they put in so many “potty” jokes {which, I guess, some people like}, when Tim’s many thought-provoking, intelligent statements probably fell on the cutting room floor.  

Were people laughing at or withTim? I guess we are a bit sensitive about that – we don’t like seeing people made fun of. Tim is an “unusual” person that collects manure… and there is a fine line there that needs to be respected.

Well, we just thought that his work should have been taken much more seriously as some of the selection of scenes belittle the message. Anyhow, that’s just our opinion. We hope that the light hearted “potty” jokes and “frolicking” scenes didn’t take away from the importance of his message for the viewers.

Life more abundantly…

  “Compost is the essential foundation of natural gardening and farming, it is

the heart of the organic concept.

  The pages of history are filled with emphatic evidence that nothing is more

fundamental to mans prosperity, to civilization itself, than a lasting

productive agriculture.

  This the past proves, can stem only from heeding the most primary of

Nature’s Laws, the law of return, the very cycle of life itself.

  Whenever a nation has adhered to this principal, there alone has a people

survived and land flourished. Where it has been violated and abused,

whether through ignorance or mistaken custom, there has a race perished, a

Metropolis fallen to ruins, and a countries soil wither and blown to a sterile

desert.” ~

P.S. If anyone happened to notice… Yes, our roof is in need of repair! Hmmm, after two hours worth of taping at our place… Nice shot! ;-0 *wink*

Weather Report: Cooler.

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