With the weather being warm, the ducklings spend their days outside and enjoy every minute of it! They love bobbing for lettuce and other leafy greens that we throw in the water. Yesterday they had their first taste of slugs which the guys have been collecting in a jar — and they slurped the slugs down! *wince*

Names? No, we haven’t named them yet. They are only known by the color of yarn we have loosely tied on their legs (blue, red, pink, green, black and white) We are only going to be keeping two — which two we really don’t know yet. We’ll have to put them through some ducky trials and pick the strongest, fastest and smartest. 😉 What will happen to the other fab four?  We’ll find them very good homes.

On Monday we visitedTim’s jungle, picked up soil and took some photos of some of his lovely flowers.

Weather Report: HOT, with temps in the low 90’s.

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  1. Brendan says:

    Those ducks look positively darling.

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