“I’m Queen of the world!”         Splishing and splashing            All clean and sweet

As promised, here are photos of the bathing beauties! They love playing in the shallow water and are so clean and fluffy when they dry off.

There was a posting on one of the comments boxes {we love comments /questions! *hint*} regarding duck eggs vs. chicken eggs. The answer is duck eggs can be used just like chicken eggs in most recipes. The difference is an extra rich taste and more protein in the slightly thicker whites.

What is good about these Khaki Campbell breed is that they NEVER go broody… Wooohoo! When our bantam chickens go broody —which has seemed a lot lately — they become wide-eyed and hyper hormonal maniacs!!! They insist on climbing into the nesting boxes to sit on phantom “eggs” that don’t exist and nobody dare go near them! Anyone {even a hen} who attempts to approach when they are in this mood is greeted with an ear-piercing screech and a “back-off-or-I’ll-kill-you” look. Hmmm sounds like me sometimes. 😉

The KC ducks lay an average of 350 eggs a year and love to eat garden pests. We are working on a “Duck Page” which will contain more information that should be up on the site — hopefully soon.

Our small produce, edible flower and herb home business is beginning to pick up and keeps us busy picking and packing. This is the busiest time for us in filling orders for local restaurants and caterers as their own business becomes full of bookings for parties, weddings and such. Right now we’re selling our “famous” salad mix {containing over 25-30 different varieties of greens}, edible flowers {pansy, petals, roses, lavender, nasturtiums, bachelor buttons, dianthus, violas and borage}, herbs for garnishing {like African blue basil, lavender, mints, lemon balm, colored sages} and much more. Soon, we’ll be adding heirloom tomatoes, French beans, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, peppers and culinary herbs {basil, chives, parsley, thyme} to the list.

We harvested our first zukes {zucchini} of the season and immediately grated it and made a zuke chocolate chocolate-chip cake… Yum!

Speaking of food, there’s quite an interesting CSM article today —A Shopper’s Experiment: Can She Really ‘Eat Locally’? Eating locally is harder than you think as this LA shopper found out.

I uploading somemore photos of our garden– please be patient as the pictures load! It’s pretty extensive. I also added somenew photos taken from our latest visit to Tim’s 30 foot horse manure heap. Enjoy!

»Updated… Backyard Duck page is up!

Weather Report: Cool and overcast — 20% chance of rain.

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