The little duckys are one week old and growing exceptionally fast!!! It was such a warm day yesterday that we brought their box outside to enjoy the sunshine. We also placed a shallow pan of warm water for them to play in and boy did they have a grand time… What? No pictures of the bathing beauties? Sorry, digital camera batteries ran out! Next time…

Looking sooo adorable

Besides enjoying the ducks, yesterday we worked in the garden — watering, planting and tidying up. Also, I was designated to spray the tomatoes, squash and cucumbers with amilk and baking soda spray to combat black spot, blight and mildew.   On the subject of tomatoes, some plants are growing great and others are starting to show signs of black spot and early blight. On Friday we brought out the “big guns” and sprayed the tomatoes with compost tea containing active microbes. Hopefully, by spraying early we’ll curb or stop the spread of diseases that was being brought on by the unusual cool weather we had been experiencing.

Weather Report: Sunny and warm again with temps in the 80’s 

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