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If you can meet with Triumph and DisasterAnd treat those two impostors just the same…

~Rudyard Kipling poem ‘IF’ ~

After seeing the widespread disaster the tornadoes did out East, we got to thinking how our life in So. California is certainly a soft, spoiled one. All we really have to worry about is an occasional earthquake.

When we read about others who are just digging out from under the snow in May, our complaints about the weather here seem trivial and it reminds us that we haven’t had to go through extreme weather as a lot of the country has. Weather, especially the destructive kind, is a hardship that can rip a previously comfortable life apart. There exists a resilience in those who go through an experience like that and bounce right back — rebuilding their lives back together, piece by piece.   In our lives, we really haven’t been tested to see whether or not we possess that kind of resilience. No one can truly know what strength of character he or she possesses until they are forced to dig deep and find out if they do or not.

While others are being tested by nature to develop character and will, it feels like we are living in a bubble created by So. California’s moderate climate. Those who pass nature’s tests are definitely survivors.

So, would we, in our sunny and warm part of the country, ever know if we could pass a test? Have we ever REALLY been tested?  Yeah, I suppose sometimes when we aren’t able to see the sun for a couple days, or when we get too much rain or heat, and sometimes also by punishing Santa Ana winds, but what about other than that? Can not seeing the sun for a few days be considered ‘a test’? I can just hear the incredulous murmurings now… “and they are complaining about THAT?” Even our animals are spoiled, they don’t like to go outside when the weather is below 60º!

Yes, there is such a thing as having it “too good.” We can practically garden all year ’round!  And because of this “idyllic” situation, there is a danger of not knowing our strengths and weaknesses and whether we can handle adversity through internal strength. Additionally, there also exists a danger of becoming oblivious to what others are going through.

In the olden days farmers were really dependent on God and good weather. Today, when we have a dry spell all we need to do is trot over to the water facet, turn on the tap and drain water from the Colorado River hundreds of miles away. We constantly live with a safety net and it would be terribly scary if the safety net was ever taken away. Yipes! It is frightening just to think about it.

Now, on a much lighter subject… I just got through uploading a fewnew photos of the yard. Enjoy!

Weather Report: Sunny and warm with temps in the 80’s 

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