We have some sad news to report, the extra duckling, (the little runt) died yesterday afternoon. When the ducks arrived, we could tell she wasn’t well and was far smaller than the others… That’s what happens in the world of nature, only the strong survive… Anyhow, it still was very sad to experience such a loss.

On a lighter note… Y’all think I have enough duck photos? Well, you aren’t seeing all of the ones I have saved in the photo folder of the computer! But,  I think you’re right… I’ll take a break for a while…

Enough photos, please!


On Monday, we’ll be going down to City Hall to obtain a permit for the solar panels we hope to be installing on our garage roof (if all goes well, God willing). Before we can install the Sharp solar panels, we’ll have to re-roof the garage and that will take some time… Thankfully, the city allows you 6 months after we pull the permit to install the solar kit and they also have a rebate/incentive program in which we will be getting back more than half the cost of the solar system… and that’s a wonderful blessing, because it would have been quite awhile before we could save up enough money to purchase such a system…

Going solar is going to be one giant step towards ‘the path to freedom!’ After that, we’ll tackle our waste and water system.

Weather Report: Sun, sun, sun… here it comes!  

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