Lights out!It’s been a hard day! zzzzzzzzz

It’s funny how we are reacting to the little ducklings compared to last Spring when we had the baby chickens… Last year we were scared stiff (checking on them every second we could), now it’s like no big deal — we’ve done this before! For instance, the first night with the baby chicks we woke up several times during the night to check on them and didn’t sleep well wondering if they’d be alive in the morning… Well, last night we only checked the ducks twice.

For breakfast today, the ducks were given chopped up wheat grass and they gobbled it down like candy. YUMMY! We threw some of the grass in their water to simulate how they eat in the wild and they loved dragging their bills in the water and scooping up the blades of grass. It’s wild to see their natural born instincts at work without a Mommy to teach them. Amazing.

Of course in the bunch, there’s always a little runt. She’s is getting pushed around and sat on by her nestmates, so she’s getting extra special attention from us.

Weather Report: Same old, overcast, cool and downright dreary.

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