Checking out their new surroundings         Being fondled                 ‘Yeah, I’m cute!’

Once again our house is full of the contented cheeps of baby birds.   The seven ducklings have happily adopted the little newspaper and paper-towel lined box as their new home. Already they have explored every square inch of it and are now nested together under the desktop lamp that is providing warmth. I think they exhausted themselves out in all the excitement. They certainly are hyper little gals.  

It took a little while for them all to find the watery oatmeal for their first meal but with our help they eventually got the hang of it — however, not without gleefully getting themselves all sticky. Amazingly, they knew how to groom themselves and got most of it out, leaving the rest for their nestmates to pick out.

Some have already taken the plunge into the chick waterer that provides their water; I guess they thought they needed to go for a swim. I already had planned for that and made sure the water was shallow so they will not chill themselves. It will be awhile before we let them play in the water since they do not have their mother’s oil to help waterproof their feathers.

We ordered these Khaki Campbell ducklings from Clearview Stock Farm & Hatchery located in Gratz, PA. (PH# 717-365-3234). They were shipped Monday and received in our local post office this morning. They all look great, so I’m pretty happy!!!  It was great that Clearview allows a small minimum order of just six ducklings (with an extra ducky thrown in) instead of the fifteen or so that other hatcheries make you buy.   And for an extra dollar per bird, we got all females. 

Now we have to decide on names for the pair we will pick to keep! Hmm…..  I’m sure the family will be coming up with some real whoppers! It’s going to be a lot of fun.  We are looking forward to seeing them grow up and interact with all the other animals. Our two cats, Ringo and Cassidy have found them to be the greatest fascination and have their little faces pressed up against the mesh that protects the ducklings. Ringo suspiciously appears a bit eager to play with them but Cassidy looks like she has found seven new friends. She has even carefully sniffed one of the ducklings I held in my hands. I think Cassidy has gotten used to us bringing new animals home.    To her, the ducklings are simply something else to make friends out of.

I’m sure our new “babies” will be a great joy to have around. Stay tuned for all the pictures soon to be posted and a new page about them to be launched on our website!

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