The Khaki Campbell ducklings arrived this morning!!! We’ll only be keeping two and the rest we’ll have to find good homes for…

Here’s a really cutewebsite about raising ducks. The site will give you information and resources on raising suburban ducks. The site also has wonderful photos and a great duck diary about the author’s personal experience.

Mighty ducks

Stay tuned for more baby pictures coming soon….


Cleaning up the garden the other day, we collected some G I A N T red orach leaves that were bigger than my hand!   Seem like the mulching and composting is starting to pay off after all these years.

The weather is still a bit kooky. The plum tree doesn’t have any leaves or buds on it yet — sorta suspended… waiting… for the weather to warm up!

Here’s an interesting article from the LA Times regarding the future of lawns in So California: WHITHER THE LAWNWhat Southern California’s booming population and looming water crisis mean for the great green carpet of suburbia.

Weather Report: Still cool and overcast, temps in the low 60’s

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