Whoops, actually our limey green Volkswagen Van. Just fantasizing a Little House On The Prairie scenario… 😉

We successfully “survived” our 6 week grocery shopping experiment… Is it possible that can we go for 8 weeks now?

We have been buying almost everything we can in bulk (25-50lbs). For example:


Nuts – peanut, sunflower





Dried beans – pinto, kidney


Raw Sugar


Tomato Paste

Shredded Coconut

Olive Oil


These bulk items usually last us over3-4 months. When we usually go to the store (now, every 6 weeks) our basket usually consists of items like cheeses, bread and butter, pastas, miscellaneous items and some “goodies”.

The chickens are now supplying us with more than enough eggs so we don’t have to buy eggs anymore.   Strike that item off the grocery list!!!

I’m having a hard time figuring out if this system is actually saving money. For instance, last year I used to buy 4 (1 lb) jars of peanut butter ($1.99) at Trader Joe’s for 4 weeks. This year, I have been buying 40 lbs ( @ $2.69 lb) of Valencia peanuts so that I can make homemade peanut butter. When buying the pre-made jars of peanut butter, they were “rationed” to one jar per week. Now, with the bulk peanuts in the bins, we are using the peanuts more often (not to mention sneaking handfuls from the bin)… Oh, yeah… don’t forget to include peanut oil that needs to be added to make the PB spreadable.

So, am I saving money or not? Who wants to crunch some numbers and do the math?

I’d like to liven up the menu a little over the summer with different dishes… So, I may have to spend a little extra to purchase bulk items such as bulgur (forTabouleh), garbanzo peas (forHummus), dates and different nuts like cashews, walnuts (which are quite expensive!). Also, I’d like to start once again inmaking homemade soy milk, so I’ll need a bag of soybeans…. Hmmm, I’ll go write my shopping list down now.

Waiting... We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby ducks, either today or tomorrow.

Weather Report: Cool and overcast.  The weather has been cooler than normal — ever since April 11th.

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