We had anunusual, sizeable storm move through our area on Saturday, dropping at least 1″-2″ of rain!!! What a blessing! Everything seems to have grown overnight… WOW!

On Friday, a camera crew from KCET’sCalifornia Connected ( including KCET’s Cafe California’s very ownCris Franco ) was doing a documentary on Tim Dundon and his pile. They did a little filming at our place, showing Tim delivering his wonderful Royal Soil.

Tim, Jules, Cris and the sound man

Cris and Tim, both comedians in their own style, were swapping quips… everyone was just so Dung Ho! {Yikes, sorry about that… had to slip that in} The show should be airing in two weeks.

Post Script on 5/12: This segment will air Thursday, May 22nd at 8:00 PM on KCET. Check your local listings.

Weather Report: After the rain…. lovely, crisp, fresh… ahhhhh

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