Here’s aninteresting article on us Angelinos {thanks toJBB’s Musings } in which it says, “Los Angeles is not a physical city. People visiting here are struck by the lack of direct contact required by daily life — unlike in New York or Paris or Tokyo or Rome, you can go about your business for days in Los Angeles without touching another soul or even bumping shoulders…

Los Angeles is all about being in a city but not of it.”

That is sooo true, it’s downright scary! We joke {sad as it is} about how– when people smile at us or say a greeting — we are wary and ask each other, “Do we KNOW that person? What does he/she want?” Or worse: “What’s wrong with them? Why are they smiling at US?” It just doesn’t dawn on us that they might be friendly! It’s the LA culture that has unfortunately, programmed us that way.   What’s even sadder, is that when one does a kind act, like holding the door open or picking up something someone has dropped, or whatever, they treat it as if you are an angel sent to earth. In truth, people don’t realize any more that common courtesy was actually COMMON not so long ago!!!

I see that article also mentions “Old Town” {outdoor mall to be more exact} Pasadena – how true! It’s just a place to been seen and to be avoided like the plague.

Luckily, there are places we visit often in which we see the same people and have gotten to know them by name. Also, we sell to small local restaurants and caterers and this helps maintain the interaction between people. We know the owners and chefs and are able to take time to chat with them about their families or business and they in turn want to know how the garden’s growing and so on.

We have to continually remind ourselves that a smile doesn’t hurt, neither does a kind greeting or word – a positive remedy to combat the infectious LA culture.

Weather Report: DITTO… Unseasonably cool..

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