The last of the broccoli was harvested and the snow pea production is starting to wind down. For awhile, there will be a small lull before the summer crops are ready to begin harvesting. We are eating the last of the cabbage and radishes and are still working on finishing the winter squashes. Boy, we sure can’t wait till the tomatoes, squashes and others start producing! Yeah, I know, you’ve already heard that before… Sorry, not complaining, just getting a wee bit tired of veggie soup and stir fry!

Heirloom tomato

I have been spending quite a lot of time on the siteLIVING & RAW FOODS and printing up yummy recipes that I hope to try in the next couple of months. Also, there is a really good posting on our forum regardingSOURCES OF PROTEIN and a reader has posted her recipe for making soy base! Can’t wait till she posts her soy cheese recipe.

With the extreme flux of temperatures { one day sunny and warm and the next overcast and cold } the snow peas are starting to develop signs of early mildew. Uh-oh! ‘Tis the season to bring out all the potions, concoctions and brews and start spraying.

To combat the mildew before it starts to spread and consume the entire plant, we sprayed with a baking soda mixture. Now we’ll have to wait and see if it works. On top of that — horrors of horrors, we found signs of blight on the tomato plants this morning! Besides spraying with s compost tea, anti-blight mixture { containing apple cider vinegar, molasses, and baking soda -along with, of course, compost tea}, we’re going to try sprinklingcornmeal, which is reported to be a natural fungicide. I rather not purchase cornmeal from a feed store { even though it’s soooo much cheaper! } , I’ll have to get some organic cornmeal at the health food store as I am leery of any GM containments – i.eStarLink corn.   

A call to arms is issued, the battle against disease has started! Tally ho!

{ Also, check out thisvaluable chart for NPK elements in composted material}

Weather Report: Cold, breezy and overcast.  50º  April’s been an odd month, weather-wise with cooler than normal temps.

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