The garden must first be prepared in the soul first or else it will not flourish.~ Proverb from England ~

The storm arrived as expected, but produced more precipitation than predicted.    It  lasted for about 24 hours. We tried to do some outside work yesterday, dodging in between the raindrops, but, really, it was a good day to stay inside. The guys built a duck house and worked in the garage, mixing soil with compost.

In the mail we receivedOca tubers and horseradish to add to the garden collection of edibles. The first wave of summer plantings has started to wind down and the spring plantings are now yielding seeds for harvesting and sharing!

As we go along the path of growing most of our own produce, we find ourselves becoming one with the land. It is now an extension of us and we become sensitive to the earthy tones and natural rhythms of the seasons. Problem areas or diseased plants or animals require natural solutions. All five senses are engaged and are travelers in this journey — a  spiritual pilgrimage that’s making us take a hard look at who we are and our reason for being on this earth….

Weather Report: Chilly and sunny.  55º

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