Heirloom corn and cornfield beans

The garden is a metaphor for life, and gardening is a symbol of the spiritual path.    ~ Larry Dossey ~

A rarecold Spring storm may bring some much needed rain and snow to our area!!! The cool weather and showers will be a welcomed respite from the unseasonably hot temps that we experienced early in the week. So, today in anticipation of the rain tonight we’ll be transplanting, planting and tending the garden.

Once the Summer plantings are done, we can then turn our time and energy to new paths towards self-sufficiency… One of the major steps we are studying about now is solar panels. California has a rebate/incentive program (paying 50%) for those interested in installing solar systems, so we are really looking into purchasing solar — hopefully soon. We’ve been reading books and researching different systems and getting estimates — which in itself has been quite a learning experience for us who are truly “solar-dummies”… but hopefully not for long!

Weather Report: Overcast, cool with a chance of rain tonight.  57º


  1. Mahouta says:

    In most ways this guy has done a nice job with setting up his solar cabin, I don’t know if he is lniivg here full time or if it’s a holiday cabin.I am really disappointed to see that he went with a rooftop installation of the wind turbine which really means it will not be nearly so efficient as it should. Also, unless the wind blows from the direction shown in the video (presumably southerly as that’s the direction that the pv faces) it will suffer greatly from turbulence which will increase the maintenance required on the turbine quite a bit.It appears that he had some ground to select from so it’s a great shame that he did not choose to mount on a mast. We live off-grid full time (10yrs now) and have built our own wind turbine so we have done a lot of homework. If you are really interested in learning about domestic wind turbines then google Hugh Piggott and Paul Gipe.

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