We are fortunate to live with a nursery just around the corner from us, especially since they put out plants which they cannot sell on the side of the street so people in the neighborhood can pick them up – instead of dumpster diving! Some days we are lucky and we pass by right at the moment they put out the free plants — just like the other day, we passed and picked up two flats of flowers. I know they aren’t edible, but they sure do brighten up the place and make it look nice… anyhow, who can pass up free plants? There’s always room, somewhere! Right?

Andean tuberMashua in hanging baskets on front porch

On the garden front: everything’s rapidly growing and starting to come together, the wildflowers are up and starting to bloom, the herbs filling in, the fruit trees and berries are blooming and the veggies are looking lush. The air is warm, the birds are singing, bees happily buzzing, butterflies fluttering, the earthy smell of soil warmed by the sun and slight perfume of herbs and flowers hangs in the air…. what else could anyone ask for? Oh, yes… anticipating the first sweet corn, ripe tomatoes, pepper and cukes from the garden! We’re counting down the days till the first fruits.

We’ve been busy the past couple days, getting the summer crops planted and taking cuttings and planting seeds. The corn, beans, squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes are coming along nicely; the heat spell has helped. We again planted some Native American corn this year ( Ashworth & Rainbow Inca ) which were purchased fromAbundant Seed Life. The Native American corn seem to grow well in our area the past couple years. The previous year we planted Cherokee White corn which grew considerably taller than what was printed on the packet! In the bean department we planted Straight and Narrow ( a French filet, slender bean fromNichols Garden Nursery ) — a favorite with us and the chefs.  In the cucumber department: as always, Lemon and White Wonder cucumbers fromBaker Creek. We’re just getting around to transplanting the summer and winter squashes and I’ll report about those varieties another time. Also, we are trying melons again for the umpteenth time — we don’t seem to have much luck with melons here, but we don’t give up and each year we try again.

We “controlled” ourselves this year on our annual heirloom tomato binge – limiting ourselves to a few varieties. Even so, the germination rate of the seeds were fairly good, so we have many extra plants.

The unusually warm weather we’ve been having means that we are having to water the new plants a bit more than we’d like to. The weather reporters are saying that there may be a chance of rain this weekend. The last chance of shower they predicted fizzled and went north of us… we are praying that this one doesn’t.

Weather Report: Warm, temps in 80’s.

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