Homemade rose petal jam

Made a small batch of rose petal jam yesterday < see March 28 posting for recipe >. It turned out absolutely delicious!  The flavor and aroma are intensely delightful.

We are hoping to get some ducks soon to add to our little menagerie of animals. All the animals are doing well, thankfully have had no serious problems yet.

We are having a bit of complications in trying to purchase some femaleKhaki Campbell’s. The local pet/feed store that we were going to buy them from, now informed us that they are NOT going to be carrying them this year. So, it’s off to search for another source.  Yesterday we found a likely hatchery that has a low minimum order policy and hopefully everything will work out OK.

Weather Report: The weather did a complete turnabout… now it’s cool with a bit of dampness in the air. Cloudy, windy and cold!!!!

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