Cassidy among the flowers

“To teach a child to milk a cow, or make butter or cheese: to ride a horse or to swim, to shoot or to fish, to knit or to sew. To give them a little of a childhood amongst butterfly meadows and shady trees. To roam with a dog or feed a chicken. To watch a lamb being born or struggle through the mud to water the sow.These are the things, the skills, of which childhood are made.” ~ Courtesy ofSelf-Sufficiency in Style ~

From across the pond…

Check out this wonderful site and read their great collection of articles at:Self-Sufficiency in Style — Here’s some of what they have to say…

“Homesteading, self-sufficiency, hobby farming or even survivalism, call it what you will, producing your own food is still possible. Many dream of such a life, but few attempt it, believing it beyond their grasp.

It may be a return to a frontier spirit for an American, or a yearning for a lost rural idyll for an Englishman.

Whatever the motivation, it has a long and honourable place in many cultures, and need not be associated with extreme or weird political views, poverty or deprivation.

A love of personal freedom is always present.

Is that such a terrible thing?”


Weather Report: Pleasant. 

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