Wherever we live, we should start to do something. We can start first by decreasing our energy consumption–you can actually live on 40% of the energy you are now using without sacrificing anything of value. We can re-fit our houses for energy efficiency. We can cut our vehicle use by using public transportation and sharing with friends. We can save water off our roofs into tanks, or recycle greywater to the toilet system or garden. We can also begin to take some part in food production. This doesn’t mean that we all need to grow our own potatoes, but it may mean that we will buy them directly from a person who is already growing potatoes responsibly. ~ Courtesy ofEcoNet ~

The past couple days have been just lovely!   As the days become longer, most of our time is now spent outdoors. Yesterday we planted winter squash, pumpkins, a last crop of snow peas and transplanted the tomatoes into the Earthboxes. The yard is continuing to slowly evolve and take shape.

These past couple months were spent trying to incorporate a variety of fruits into our landscape. We are hoping that the trees will grow in the locations we picked for them, hoping that eventually in a couple years it’ll look like a forest garden — lush, dense and fruitful.

As we dream of one day picking fresh guavas and apples from the trees we are also in a slow, but steady journey to go beyond gardening and start to go off-the-grid as best as we possibly can…. and even then some. We find ourselves, at times, feeling frustrated that the going is slower than we’d like. Reading from a book is one thing, but actually working on the task with your hands and figuring problems out with your brain is another! Some tasks just don’t some easy to us, as gardening does (though we are learning from a few gardening blunders — we have killed our fair share of plants). Learning new things can be daunting, in fact sometimes down-right scary! Incorporating ideas, words, plans and concepts form books into a reality, now that’s a real challenge and the question is are we up to it?

Weather Report: Sunny and warmer, dry and windy. 

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