Dropped in to our new local Starbucks down the street for some coffee grounds… and it was our lucky day! Usually we come too late and find that someone has already been there to pick the grounds up…    We brought  home a huge bag and added somegrounds to our compost pile (mmmmm, the yard smells like roasting coffee, but who’s complaining?) and the rest we plan to scatter among the acid-loving blueberries… hoping that’ll give them a wake-up jolt! (Here’s agood thread to read from the GardenWeb forms about using coffee grounds in the garden)

The other day we removed (*ouch*) a beautiful, large ficus and schefflera that was growing up against the house… now that side of the house looks naked and sooo wide open! OK, looking on the bright side though, removing it has now opened up a huge amount of growing space that we can use for edibles. We replaced the ficus and schefflera with an Anna Apple and Elderberries and are thinking of planting some ferns and nasturtiums also.

Weather Report: Sunny and warm.

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