Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world. ~ Virgil A. Kraft ~

Thanks to a posting on the‘GARDEN JUNK’ FORUM, I have found a source for some free, 55 gal plastic containers in our area — Would have never thought to check a car wash! Cheap is great, but free is even better….

The other day we visited our local Armstrong’s nursery and thanks to the influences of Gary Jones (owner of the once famous, but now closed HORTUS NURSERY) they had 2″ heirloom tomatoes that were going for 77 Cents. Well, now who could pass up such a price? Ok, we did control ourselves as we already have quite a few heirlooms that we are growing from seed… but, we did pick up a few of the varieties that we don’t have. Why do heirlooms have to have such enticing names anyhow? It’s sooo tempting to want to try and grow all of them…  OK, I’ll have to calm down now and just be realistic… 😉

Here’s a useful website for answering the questionHow can my community reduce waste? While you’re there, don’t forget to check out therecycling ideas left by some of their readers. (Thanks toRebecca for the link.)

And here’s another useful link:Personal Unbranding Resources where there is somemethods listed (too bad, though, it looks like the site hasn’t been finished)

Weather Report: Dreary and cloudy — similar to the world’s situation today.

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