In my last post I forgot to mention where we got our TWILIGHT LAUNDRY APPLIANCE .

Here’s an excerpt from my email to one of our reader’s question regarding where one can purchase it:

We purchased ours from They are doing some changes on their site, so you’ll have to call them and talk to David or Nita. Tell them you are interested in TWILIGHT PRILL LAUNDRY APPLIANCE.

I’ve seen the Prill Laundry Appliances sold on other sites going for as high as $200! So be careful! Talk to David or Nita and ask them if they still have the TWILIGHT, PRILL LAUNDRY APPLIANCE bags for $50. We deal with them because they are very knowledgeable, so let them know that we referred them to you.

Prill beads are truly amazing for cleaning out toxins, I have read really amazing things about the beads. One remarkable story is that they are using them in Lake Mead to clean out the Perchlorate toxins.

In addition, we are using a bag ofPRILL BEADS to clean out our tap water instead of having to purchase costly filters or bottled water. Don’t want to start sounding like a commercial ad (*smile*) So, if you like you can read all about the wonders of PRILL BEADS on their site.

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