Baby apricots

“We are like trees, we must create new leaves, in new directions, in order togrow.” ~ Anonymous ~

We got some (two) new composters from the city on Friday, they are offering them at reduced prices ($27 compared to $80 in some garden catalog). We are trying to faze out using the large compost pile for kitchen scraps as it seems to be attracting more fliesĀ  this year. So, we’ll save the pile for yard waste & paper and keep the kitchen waste in these nice, “attractive” compost containers.

This year we hope to stretch our monthly shopping “expeditions” from 4 weeks to 5, then 6 and then to ????? Who knows? We just got some plastic (*cringe* I know, I hate plastic, but sometimes there’s simply not much choice) food-grade storage containers for the bulk food items. We’re making our own granola, flour tortillas, peanut butter. ketchup, salsa and all desserts and some breads from scratch.

We’ve been phasing out unnecessary cleaning products and detergents and getting down to the basic, natural, “cheap” cleaners such as lemon juice, baking soda and white vinegar. We are using the ever-lastingTWILIGHT LAUNDRY APPLIANCESfor our wash and if we need sudsing action we’ll use7th GENERATION products.

For dishes and bath soap, we like DR. BONNER’S CASTILE SOAP and we use the long-lastingCRYSTAL STONE for deodorant.

For toothpaste,TOM’S of MAINEis a favorite, and we useMICRO-BRIGHT once and a while — but we can do without and use baking soda. We have to buy organic shampoo (not very particular on the brand — whatever’s on sale at the health food store). We do not purchase conditioners, we get by with using an apple cider vinegar herbal rinse that we make ourselves.

For our splurge urge to indulge ourselves, we buy a natural lotion — we use it sparingly and a bottle goes quite a long ways. Also, since I have been purchasing bulk oils, butters, and essential oils to make soaps, we can start to make our own.

Shopping wisely has helped us save money so we are able to purchase items that’ll help us live more sufficiently…..

Here’s some progressive viewpoints from a posting atPORTLAND INDY MEDIA CENTER:


*Spend Less then You Make

*Don’t Store Savings in a Bank

*Put Your Savings Into Investment that Lower Your Initial Cost: Energy

Efficiency, Self-sufficient Gardens, Organizing Your Life and Time.



The new “Victory Garden” is much more so a victory of the people to help



Don’t trust the man to feed you and keep you healthy.

Do it yourself. for free and for freedom.

Weather Report: Breezy, cool and clear.

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